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Ray tracing bases

Kadi Bouatouch give me ray-tracing courses in my Research Master2 at IFSIC in Rennes. So I try to develop a little ray-tracer. This demo is a good start for everyone who want to understand the bases of ray-tracing.

For this demo, I've started from scratch. I don't really use BRDF : I compose pixel color based on diffuse, specular, reflexive and refracted color. Currently, I have implemented only two perfect objects : sphere and plane. There isn't scene graph so the rendering process is slow.

Now I have no time to improve this demo. Here is whatshould be great to implement :

Download source and executable

A room with one light, two spheres and a reflexive ground
a reflexive sphere


ANother scene with different materials


Future works : colored shadows, transparent full-filled objects
Future works : transparent empty objects

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