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My friends:

Olivier Boucard's Homepage A developer supporting a lot Linux and Qt
Kevin Boulanger A game developer at Electronic Arts
Guillaume François' Homepage A shader writter at Weta
Nicolas Stoiber's Homepage My math Guru!
Michel de Verdelhan A game developer at Eugen Systems


GLEW A cross-platform OpenGL extensions loading library
Lua A powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language
OpenAL A cross-platform 3D audio API
OpenCV A library of programming functions mainly aimed at real time computer vision
OpenGL OpenGL reference web site
PhysX A powerful physics library free for free projects


Effective C++ Explains how to write better C++ (Effective C++, More Effective C++)
GPU Gems 3D programming books! (free online version : GPU Gems 1, 2 and 3)
OpenGL Programming Guide The OpenGL red book!
Programming in Lua Everything you need to know on Lua
ShaderX & GpuPro 3D programming books! (you can buy these book on amazon, free online versions)
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